If you build it, they will come… and… then what?

I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions. As I see it, I am setting myself up for failure by making goals I have no intention of meeting. You know, like losing weight, spending less, or looking for the good in the “other” political party.

For many years I would quit drinking. A New Year’s Eve hangover was the catalyst for that and it usually lasted as long. I have found that taking things “One Day At A Time” I was able to accomplish some much needed sobriety.

I don’t drink today. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but as long as it is today, I don’t drink. What a good use for procrastination. Getting involved and helping secure the future of the Elgin Alano Club is not a good use of procrastination. The club needs my help NOW. EAC has squeaked by another year by just about breaking-even. By that, I mean we didn’t always bring in as much as we spent. (Rent can be a bitch, right.)

drive_pledge_king_dungeon_681825[1]There are ways we can improve the EAC experience but it takes your help.

In the New Year I would hope to see:
1. Membership growth.
2. Increased attendance at club functions and fundraisers.
3. Feedback through suggestions on how EAC can improve YOUR sober experience.
4. A show of pride by keeping the club and outside areas clean.
5. Responsible members seeking ways they can help the EAC board make our club the best club ever.

I wanted to think of 12 things but I didn’t want to lessen the importance of these things by being funny. This is a serious matter. Without the increased interest in membership and increased interest in working with the board, EAC may see another end.

In the glass case there are 2 coffee mugs from 1989. EAC went through this before. It took around 15 years before the club started up again. Those of us who have been there do not want to see this happen again. It does not have to.

– Jim H.
Vice Chair, Elgin Alano Club