EAC Membership and Support

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EAC is for all people recovering from alcoholism and addiction as well as their families and loved ones.  Please show your support and be a part of this miraculous process of family healing and restoration.


  • 18 x 7 x 365 club access
  • Discounts for tickets to all club events
  • Discounts on food & drink at club events
  • Member lounge with Big Screen TV and DVD
  • Children’s activity room with TV and VCR
  • Availability of over 15 meetings per week
  • Access to literature and speaker library
  • Access to the EAC secured WiFi (TBD)
  • Exclusive EAC Flashlight Keychain


Individual memberships require 90 days of current, continuous sobriety for alcoholics or addicts; or active participation in AA, NA, Alanon or any other 12 Step recovery program.  Family memberships require membership-duo to legally reside in the same household and meet minimum sobriety / fellowship requirements.


  • Annual Sobertober Fest in late-Summer ($5 member discount)
  • Annual Open Speaker Banquet in Spring ($5 member discount)
  • Annual Independence Weekend Cookout and Fireworks ($2 member discount)
  • Sunday Brunch, Football, Socials and Game Nights ($2 member discount)
  • Other Events – New Years Alcathon, Rafting & Camping Trip, Texas Hold’em Tournaments, Workshops, etc.


  • $70 Individual annual fee (1-key – term July – June)
  • $120 Family annual fee (2-keys – term July – June)
  • $35 pro-rated fee (pro-rated term January-June)

EAC 2017-18 Membership Year

Downloads: Membership Brochure 2017-18   |  EAC Membership Form 2017-18

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