Board of Directors

EAC is for all people recovering from alcoholism and addiction as well as their families and loved ones.  Please show your support and be a part of this miraculous process of family healing and restoration. Elgin Alano Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation.

Board of Directors for 2022 – 2023 Membership Term

We conduct board member elections in January of every year including a cycling of leadership and director positions on Even/Odd years.  View the Elgin Alano Club_ Inc. By-Laws 2019

Board Position Name Phone
Chairperson Jim H 224-629-6454
Vice Chairperson / Group Liaison Open
Treasurer Ron E 630-215-6600
Secretary Colleen H
Membership Director Michelle H.
Building Director John M 847-334-6236
General Director Laurie Faith G. 815-263-7658
General Director Brad S.
General Director Art L. 224-805-6661
General Director Eric L. 847-809-4369
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eacmembillYou say, “Yes, I’m willing. But am I to be consigned to a life where I shall be stupid, boring and glum, like some righteous people I see? I know I must get along without liquor, but how can I? Have you a sufficient substitute?”
Yes, there is a substitute and it is vastly more than that. It is a fellowship in Alcoholics Anonymous. There you will find release from care, boredom and worry. Your imagination will be fired. Life will mean something at last. The most satisfactory years of your existence lie ahead. Thus we find the fellowship, and so will you.

“How is that to come about?” you ask. “Where am I to find these people?”

You are going to meet these new friends in your own community. Near you, alcoholics are dying helplessly like people in a sinking ship. If you live in a large place, there are hundreds. High and low, rich and poor, these are future fellows of Alcoholics Anonymous. Among them you will make lifelong friends. You will be bound to them with new and wonderful ties, for you will escape disaster together and you will commence shoulder to shoulder your common journey. Then you will know what it means to give of yourself that others may survive and rediscover life. You will learn the full meaning of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Alcoholics Anonymous© pgs. 151-152