Literature and Gift Shop

Did you see the new gift additions to the glass cases?  A new variety of books, key chains, coins, trinkets and recovery cards that are waiting to go home with you.  Just remember to write a description of your purchase on the envelope before you put it in the wall safe. Cash and Check accepted – see a member of EAC for assistance in accessing items in the cases.

As of October-2014, all pricing from AAWS increased, the pricing lists have been updated in the lobby.

Item Number Title Price *
B-1 AA Big Book (hard cover) $11.00
B-30 AA Big Book (soft cover) $10.50
B-16 AA Big Book (large print) $12.00
B-35 AA Big Book (pocket size) $5.75
B-2 12 & 12 (hard cover) $10.25
B-15 12 & 12 (soft cover) $9.50
B-14 12 & 12 (large print) $9.50
B-17 12 & 12 (pocket size) $7.50
B-4 12 & 12 Gift Edition $9.50
B-5 As Bill Sees It (hard cover) $10.35
B-18 As Bill Sees It (soft cover) $9.90
B-27 As Bill Sees It (large print) $11.00
B-12 Daily Reflections $11.80
B-19 Daily Reflections (large print) $12.40
B-6 Came to Believe $5.75
B-26 Came to Believe (large print) $6.05
B-7 Living Sober $5.75
B-25 Living Sober (large print) $6.05
B-9 “Pass it On” $12.65
B-8 Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers $12/10
B-3 AA Comes of Age $11.00
B-20 Experience, Strength & Hope $6.50
*All prices reflect the cost of shipping